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Disc Golf Dojo: Classic Five Panel Cap

Disc Golf Dojo: Classic Five Panel Cap

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Embrace a timeless aesthetic and a nod to your disc golf passion with our Disc Golf Dojo Classic Five Panel Cap. This stylish accessory encapsulates the spirit of the game, designed to compliment your active lifestyle while serving as a token of your dedication to disc golf.

Designed with a distinct low-profile silhouette, this camper style cap exudes an air of understated cool. It offers an ideal balance of casual relaxation and structured style, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Equipped with a nylon strap clip closure, it guarantees a snug and comfortable fit, perfect for a day on the field or a relaxed jaunt around town.

The front panel proudly displays the Disc Golf Dojo logo, a symbol of commitment to the game and a badge of honor for every disc golf enthusiast. It's not merely a logo; it's a proclamation of your love for the sport, a unique conversation starter, and a sign of being part of a vibrant community.

• 100% cotton
• Soft-structured
• Five panel
• Low profile
• Metal eyelets
• Nylon strap clip closure
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